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Standard 4t Cable Tensioning Kit

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Standard 4t Cable Tensioning Kit
Standard 4t Cable Tensioning Kit
Standard 4t Cable Tensioning Kit
Standard 4t Cable Tensioning Kit
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Standard 4t Cable Tensioning Kit



Normal Price: 149.99 - Clearance Price: 99.99

Suitable for use with 10mm and 12mm wire

If you are using 12mm wire or have a zip wire longer than 60m, can we suggest that you consider using the Extreme Heavy Duty Cable Tensioning Kit

This tensioning kit is for use with smaller runs up to approx 60m, using 10mm and 12mm wire and will make life a lot easier when installing your zip wire.

Okay, so you have sorted out your zip wire kit and can't wait to receive your order.

However, one thing that most people tend to over look - especially with long runs - is that to hang a zip wire and put some tension into the line, is difficult and can be very hard to do, especially with long runs.

We strongly recommend that to install a zip wire correctly that you have at least 2 or 3 people helping you to put the wire up.

In particuliar when the need for putting some tension into your wire, it is highly recommended that you use a cable tensioning kit to make your life easier.

Designed to help make your job of fitting and tensioning a zip wire easier, you will be pleased by how easy this tensioning kit will do the job for you.

So don't hurt yourself by straining any muscles, but put your trust in this neat piece of kit to do it for you and you will be riding your zip wire in no time at all.

Here's what's in the box:

1x 4,000 kgs (4t) Ratchet Cable Tensioning Winch
1x 3m x 1,000 kgs (1t) Webbing Sling***
1x 2,000 kgs (2t) Cable Grab
1x D-Shackle

*** Please note, you only need for the webbing sling to go around the sending end tree once.

Please note that this video is for illustrative purposes only and will give you a good idea on how to setup and use the Standard 2t Cable Tensioning Kit using the same principles as other tensioning kits:

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