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Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley

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Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley
Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley
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Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley


For use on wire between 10 - 19mm
(Not suitable for wire less than 10mm)


One of the best professional trolleys on the market. We at The Zip Wire Company are pleased to bring you this brilliant Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley with Handle.

Made in the USA, the Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley has many benefits including smoother running, enhanced rider experience, reduced cable wear and decreased rider risk of injury.

Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley specifications:

  • For use on wire 10 - 19mm
  • Weight: 544g (Impact Trolley)
  • Easy to fit Handle
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Maximum Operating Speed: 75 mph (120 kph)
  • Suitable rider weight range: 15-150 kgs
  • Housing Materials: Anodized Aluminium
  • Sheaves: Stainless Steel
  • Impact Surface: ABS Plastic
  • Maximum Load Rating: 17 kN

The Impact Pro Plus zip wire trolley with handle, is just one trolley on the market by Headrush Technologies that has been designed specifically for impact braking in the recreational and professional zip wire industry.

Watch the Impact Pro Plus Elite Zip Wire Trolley video here and see the benefits it offers:

The Impact Pro Plus zip wire trolley with handle has been designed and made for use on many types of zip wire lines including with or without attached braking systems. If you decide to put in a professional braking system, one of the best braking system products that is available on the market and is ideal for use with this trolley is the zipSTOP or the zipSTOP IR Braking system which will enhance your use of your zip wire no end by giving you a very smooth end to your ride.

Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley Features:

  • One of a range of trolleys designed for use with impact braking
  • Rated for higher speeds than other trolleys - up to 70 mph
  • Simple, single-step mounting process
  • Handle helps to give better trolley performance
  • handle designed to pivot and follow rider motions
  • Keeps rider facing forward throughout ride
  • Handle for extra fun
  • Increased performance with comparable cost to other trolleys
  • Enhances rider experience, especially when using the optional Brake Catch Accessory
  • Longer expected lifespan than other trolleys
  • Anodized aluminum design increases strength while being corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight design is perfect for zip wire riders of all ages
  • Sheaves designed to fit cables between 10 - 19mm diameter
  • Multiple clip-in points for enhanced safety
  • Made in the USA

The Impact Pro Zipwire Trolley can be purchased in various configurations: (Please follow the links below).
* Impact Pro Zip Wire Trolley
* Impact Pro Plus Zip Wire Trolley with the Handle attachment


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