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Petzl Ouistiti Childrens Zip Wire Harness

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Petzl Ouistiti Childrens Zip Wire Harness
Petzl Ouistiti Childrens Zip Wire Harness
Petzl Ouistiti Childrens Zip Wire Harness
Petzl Ouistiti Childrens Zip Wire Harness
Petzl Ouistiti Childrens Zip Wire Harness
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Petzl Ouistiti Childrens Zip Wire Harness



For Children weighing up to 30kgs (4st 7lbs)

This Petzl OUISTITI full body zip wire harness has been designed to allow a child complete freedom when using a zip wire.

The fully body children's harness has been designed so that it especially easy to both put on and adjust.

It does not require a connector to be fastened, and the adjustment system is difficult for the child to access. Therefore, giving better safety peace of mind to the parents.

It is better for children to use one of these full body harnesses than to allow them to use a seat harness, as small children do not have completely formed hips to wear them.

Petzl OUISTITI Children's Harness features:

  • Suitable for Children Weighing Less than 30kgs (4st 7lbs)
  • Easy Fit and Easy Adjustment
  • Waist belt: 58-70cms (23"-28")
  • Leg Loops: 32-40cms (13"-16")
  • Weight: 410g
  • Fully Adjustable
  • EN 12277

Please note:
This harness should be used with adult supervision

Detailed Description:

Easy to put on and adjust:
- Proper donning is facilitated by holding and shaking the harness from the orange dorsal point
- Semi-rigid structure is color-coded (grey foam interior and blue exterior) for easy donning
- Primary adjustment is done on the shoulder straps with the Double Back buckles
- Secondary adjustment, for small or big children, is done with the Double Back buckles on the back of the harness

Comfortable to wear on the ground or when suspended:
- Quilted closed-cell foam structure on the leg loops, positioning waist belt and shoulder straps
- Does not require connectors to remain fastened, allowing the child to keep wearing the harness for playing without hindrance
- Front tie-in point is reinforced and lower, for greater comfort

Versatility of use
- One size, up to 30kgs
- Double Back buckles are out of reach of the child


Please appreciate that while we at The Zip Wire Company are more than happy to help with advice and answer your questions, any advice or guidance given by The Zip Wire Company is for guidance only.

Zip wires (also known as Aerial Runways, Flying Foxes or Tyrolean crossings) can be dangerous if installed incorrectly or on the wrong sort of site and it is therefore strongly advised that the customer, who is buying this equipment, should carry out their own Risk Assessment of the area/site to be used and must be happy that they are satisfied with this Risk Assessment.

It is highly recommended that you carry out a safety inspection on completion of the installation of the zip wire equipment and that the equipment should be continually inspected on a regular basis.

Due to the various construction & Installation methods used by our customers and which are outside of our control, The Zip Wire Company cannot be held responsible for any problems or injuries that may occur during the installation and subsequent use of any zip wires or zip wire equipment supplied by us if incorrectly fitted.


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