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Eco Zip Wire Retriever
Eco Zip Wire Retriever
Eco Zip Wire Retriever
Eco Zip Wire Retriever
Eco Zip Wire Retriever
Eco Zip Wire Retriever
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Eco Zip Wire Retriever


For use on zip wires up to 100m in length

Can be added Retrospectively to an existing zip wire

Okay, so you've enjoyed your exhilarating zip wire ride so much that your knees are knocking, and your legs have turned to jelly. Now all you have to do is get your equipment back to the start for the next person to enjoy and have fun.

Oh no, have I really got to pull the trolley and seat 80 metres (or whatever length your run is) all the way back up to the start - we hear you shout!!


We have the answer with an amazing solution that will solve this problem....

The ALL NEW Eco Zip Wire Retriever is finally here and has been created to do all the hard work for you. Using the innovative pulley and counterweight system, it will automatically return your zip wire equipment to the start of the ride for the next person to use.

*** Please note:
That you MUST NEVER operate this equipment back to the start with anybody riding on the seat.

Designed to work with either a seat or a harness. We strongly recommend that you do not use the Eco Zip Wire Retriever with a trolley using handlebars only, or in situations where the rider is dropping off the zip wire ride into water as the return line might get tangled and fail to function correctly.

If you are using a zip wire to fall off into water, then check out the Boomerang Zip Wire Trolley ...the perfect remote control solution.

Watch the Eco Zip Wire Retriever in action

Why make work hard for yourself? This USA designed and produced zip wire retriever is both simple to install and use and will soon transform and revolutionise the way you use your garden zip wire ride forever.

Here's whats in the box:
1x Eco Zip Wire Retriever
1x 25 Litre Metal Bucket (with lid)
1x Double Back Height Reduction Kit
1x Rubber Start Stopper
User Instructions

*** Please note that you will need to buy a 25 litre bag of Small Pea Shingle for use in the bucket.

Will the Eco Zip Wire Retriever work for me!

Please use the chart and information below to determine if the Eco Zip Wire Retriever will work with your existing or planned zip wire run:
Blurb 3
Step 1:
Determine your zip wire length ["L"]

Step 2:
Measure the height of the zip wire cable above the ground at the starting point of your zip wire ["H"]

Step 3:
Find your zip wire length ["L"] on the chart below. Determine if you'll have enough distance for the Eco Zip Wire Retriever counterweight to travel by looking at the corresponding "H1" or "H2" measurements.

Step 4:
"H1" is the minimum height required for the Eco Zip Wire Retriever to operate using the standard setup. "H2" is the minimum height required using the include "Double Back" option.

If your distance measurement is less than the "H2" option for your zip wire length, then the Eco Zip Wire Retriever will not have enough space to operate, and we do not recommend this product for your setup.

Other Eco Zip Wire Retriever Information:
The equipment works on all runs up to 100m and is sold on a self-install basis which comes with full installation instructions.

We must point out that this will only work if the trolley you are using is open trolley (clip on and off the wire) as opposed to a fixed trolley (permanently fixed on the wire) which it will not work with.

The Eco Zip Wire Retriever is perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free zip wire experience. Need to check if this is compatible with your setup? Simply get in touch with The Zip Wire Company today.

Order now and experience the ultimate zip wire ride with added ease and convenience!

This Eco Zip Wire Retriever version works out at about 60% cheaper to buy than if you were to buy an electrical/mechanical zip wire retriever and because they are no running costs ,you are also doing your part to help the environment.

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