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Lightspeed Micro Zip Wire Trolley

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LightSpeed Micro Zip Wire Trolley
LightSpeed Micro Zip Wire Trolley
LightSpeed Micro Zip Wire Trolley
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LightSpeed Micro Zip Wire Trolley


For use on wire between 10 - 13mm
(Not suitable for wire, less than 10mm)

Built for Safe Impact Braking

Made in the USA, the Lightspeed Micro zip wire trolley is a compact and lightweight zipwire trolley.

The trolley has many benefits including smoother running, enhanced rider experience, reduced cable wear, and decreased rider risk of injury.

Lightspeed Micro zip wire trolley specifications:

  • For use on wire 10 - 13mm
  • Weight: 364g
  • Housing Materials: High Strength, Tempered Aluminium
  • Bearings: 4x ABEC rated bearings
  • Certification: EN12278

Lightspeed Micro zip wire trolley features:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Forward Rider Design: Giving a Smoother Ride and a Better Braking Experience
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Maximum Operating Speed: 75 mph (120 k/ph)
  • Suitable rider weight range: 15-150 kgs (up to 23st 10lbs)
  • Impact Surface: ABS Plastic

Cleverly designed for Impact braking, this Lightspeed Micro zip wire trolley has a Forward Rider Design. This means it puts a rider's weight forward during impact braking, keeping the sheaves on the line.

And when combined with the curve-over design of the backup carabiner slot, keeps the backup carabiner in place throughout braking (reducing wear on your line) making for a smoother and safer ride under braking for the rider.

Apart from being used as a single trolley, this trolley can also be used in a Dual Line Configuration with the Lightspeed EZ Clip zip wire trolley.

Made to Last:

The Lightspeed Micro zip wire trolley is made using high strength, tempered aluminium alloy for the body and has 4x ABEC rated, high performance bearings giving a longer lifespan.

Premium Rated Bearings:

This trolley makes great use of 4x ABEC rated bearings. Making it one of the fastest compact trolleys on the market. This allows it to be rated for speeds up to 75 mph.

Because of these premium bearings, it will ensure that your trolley will last longer than more conventional trolleys.

Designed for Impact Braking:

One of only a few specifically designed trolleys for impact braking, the Lightspeed Micro zip wire trolley comes with a durable front impact surface.

These incorporated features help to extend the life of the trolley while also reducing the normal wear and tear on both your wire and zip wire gear.

This brilliant zipwire trolley is one of the most impressive compact trolleys available on the market today and is the latest trolley designed specifically for impact braking in the recreational and professional zip wire industry.

Watch the Lightspeed Micro Trolley video here and see the benefits it offers:


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