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Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley

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Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley
Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley
Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley
Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley
Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley
Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley
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Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley


For use on wire between 9 - 13mm
(Not suitable for wire less than 9mm)

The Zip Wire Company is pleased to bring you The Brand new Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley has a number of built-in safety features making the use of this trolley both very safe and a real pleasure to use.

The NEW Trac Guide zip wire trolley is a trolley designed for use on zip wires. Featuring an ergonomic captive karabiner, it allows the trolley to be quickly installed on the cable with one hand.

Because the karabiner pivots, the trolley remains in position on the cable when it makes contact with the end brake buffer. The ends have been equipped with protective impact surfaces to reduce the risk of pinched fingers, and with two connector support grooves to avoid abrasion by the cable.

The karabiner's reinforced construction provides greater resistance to damp and salty environments.

The great thing with this new trolley, is that product life can be extended thanks to extremely durable bearings and removable impact surfaces available as spare parts.

Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley specifications:

  • For Use on Wire 9 - 13mm
  • Material(s): Aluminium Frame and Karabiner, Stainless Steel Sheave, Nylon
  • Weight: 425g
  • Quick and easy installation and Operation
  • Max Speed: 25 m/s
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Certification(s): EN12278 and UIAA

Petzl Trac Guide Zip Wire Trolley features:

  • Fully integrated ergonomic captive karabiner
  • Easily installed with one hand
  • Two aligned sheaves guarantee excellent stability on the zip wire cable
  • Double-Row Ball-Bearings offer optimal durability
  • Impact surfaces optimize contact between the trolley and the brake buffer
  • Front and rear impact surfaces helps to protect against pinched fingers
  • 2 Parking Points on trolley
  • Karabiner and impact surfaces are completely removable and available as replacement parts to extend the life of the trolley

Please remember DO NOT TOUCH the trolley when using an open bodied trolley and that extra care needs to be taken to stop long hair and fingers being trapped in the wheels.

Amongst the safety features to be found in this trolley are fully aligned bespoke trolley sheaves which are mounted on a double row of ball bearings which helps with the increased heat (friction) caused in on long lengths of wire and side plates which help to reduce the risk of pinched fingers. There's also a Tri-Lock operated Gate opening which is a three step process to open and parking points for karabiners can also be found at the front and back ends of the trolley. This means that no longer will you have karabiners trailing along on the wire.


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