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zipSTOP SPEED Braking System

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zipSTOP SPEED Braking System
zipSTOP SPEED Braking System
zipSTOP SPEED Braking System
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zipSTOP SPEED Braking System

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Your zipSTOP will need to be re-certified every year

Well the guys at HeadRush Technologies just keep on developing.

Here's the latest addition in the expanding line of zipSTOP's, the brilliant zipSTOP SPEED braking system.

Simply the best braking system you can get for your zip wire.

A full family of braking systems for every zip wire. Increase throughput with a hands-free braking experience for both zip wire riders and operators.

Get the most advanced and reliable brake for your zip wire with the zipSTOP braking system.

zipSTOP SPEED uses HeadRush Technologies patented self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking technology to slow zip wire riders and bring them to a smooth and comfortable stop, even at high speeds.

The zipSTOP SPEED is for rider arrival speeds between 0-72 kph (0-45 mph)

Watch the zipSTOP Braking System video and see the benefits it offers:

What makes the zipSTOP SPEED different:
The zipSTOP SPEED utilized an internal reduction in addition to an external 2:1 reduction system to smoothly stop riders at the highest arrival speeds of any zipSTOP brake.

This device must be used with an external 2:1 reduction line setup. The benefits of the SPEED include higher arrival speeds, improved automatic reset, and a smooth braking experience.

Here's what's in the box:

  • zipSTOP SPEED Braking System
  • Brake Trolley
  • Mounting Bracket

zipSTOP SPEED benefits:

  • Eddy current braking technology adjusts automatically to ensure a smooth rider deceleration.
  • Allows for a wide variety of rider weights and speeds.
  • Automatically resets after each rider, minimizing human error.
  • Helps mitigate risk by removing human error from the rider or support staff.
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Able to withstand outdoor environments and work consistently in any conditions.

zipSTOP SPEED Braking System Specification:

  • Rated Working Capacity: 15 to 150 kgs
  • Device Weight: 23.5 kgs

Rated Working Velocity:

0 to 72 k/ph (0 to 45 mph) utilizing a 2:1 load - This device MUST be used with an external 2:1 reduction.
ZipSTOP Comparaison
There are many benefits to using zipSTOP as the primary brake for your zip wire braking system:

Magnetic Braking Technology:
zipSTOP utilizes the patented eddy current magnetic braking technology to create a comfortable braking experience. Magnetic eddy current braking is extremely reliable and low maintenance due to no contacting parts in the braking system.

The magnetic braking technology automatically adjusts the resistance based on the weight of the rider to create the most comfortable zip line braking experience. The zipSTOP zip wire brake uses centrifugal force and adjusts automatically to lighter or heavier riders.

Increase Throughput:
Provides consistent braking and automatically resets after each ride, greatly increasing zip wire throughput. Someone will still need to visually check for proper reset of the zip wire brake.

Low Maintenance:
Magnetic eddy current braking is a low maintenance technology that is extremely reliable. The zipSTOP is built to withstand the elements and has a low cost of ownership.

Weight Capacity:
As part of a complete zip wire braking system, the zipSTOP zip wire brake gives you flexibility in zip wire design and operations because it allows a wide range of rider weights and rider arrival speeds.


If you have any questions, please call us FREE on: 0800 246 5802


If you have any questions, please call us FREE on: 0800 246 5802

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