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12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support

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12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support
12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support
12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support
12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support
12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support
12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support
12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support
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12mm Zipwire Kit - Micro Tree to Support

Select Kit Size:
Select Strop Size:
Select Your Seat:

Price starts from:679.99

For use between a Tree and a Support Frame
(Choice of a seat harness or a rubber seat)

Recommended age: 5+
(maximum user weight: 158 kgs - 25 stone)

Sizes available: 20m - 200+m
Looking for our wide range of 10mm zip wire kits.

Another great value for money is this 12mm Micro zip wire kit for use between a tree and a support frame. The first in the range that is classed an impact trolley. The Lightspeed Micro Trolley, which is included in this kit, offers many benefits to other trollies including be lightweight, smoother running and giving an enhanced rider experience.

Simple to install between a tree and a support frame, this kit is available in various lengths. This 12mm Micro zip wire kit comes with a Lightspeed Micro Trolley and the choice of either a seat harness or rubber seat.

We have made this range of kits to be easy to install and by following the simple generic fitting instructions, which come supplied with the kit, this zip line can be installed by two people and be ready for use in around 120 mins or less (provided your support frame is already made)

This zip wire kit will give the whole family many hours of fun filled exciting fun. And also one of the best and most exhilarating outdoor experiences.

When installing a 12mm zipwire please make sure that you have access to either a good hand winch or vehicle winch. This will make life easier when installing. Hand winches can be hired from a good Tool hire company.


By using Top Quality equipment and combined with our passion and the knowledge we have of zipwires, you will not be disappointed with your purchase from The Zipwire Company.

Our zipwires have been brought together using only top quality equipment sourced from the UK and Mainland Europe and offer great value for money when compared to some products on the market being offered by our competitors.

The Zipwire Company understands that you might never of come across something like a zipwire before and that you might have many questions that you would like answered before you purchase one of our zipwire kits. Therefore we have put together a FAQ on zipwires which we hope will answer most of the questions you might have, but if after reading the FAQ you still have any questions, then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01344 750788 where we will be more than happy to answer them.


Here's whats in the box:

How do I work out what Strop size to order:

The way to work out the size of the strop needed to go around your support crossbar, is very easy if you follow the simply instructions below.

1) Measure the circumference size of the support crossbar and double the measurement (48cm x 2 = 96cm)
2) Then add on 30cm (96cm + 30cm = 126cm)
3) Round this up to 130cm
3) The size of strop you need to order is 1.30m

How much wire do I need?:

When measuring for the length of wire that you require, please follow these simple instructions to help you:

1) Start by measuring the distance from the support crossbar at the receiving end to the sending end tree
2) Now measure the circumference of the sending end tree to be used
3) Add together both these measurements and then add on 2m (39m + 2m = 41m)
4) Round up to the nearest 5m to find the amount you need to order (41m rounded up to 45m) - giving amount of wire to order
5) You can always cut this wire using an angle grinder (put electrical tape around wire before cutting)

It is always best to over order on wire (allowing for slackness in the wire) than under order.

Aspir Seat Harness Sizing

Delivery Information:

Please take a minute or two to read and understand about our Deliveries and Damaged Goods on Deliveries


Please appreciate that while we at The Zipwire Company are more than happy to help with advice and answer your questions, any advice or guidance given by The Zipwire Company is for guidance only.

Zipwires (also known as Aerial Runways, Flying Foxes or Tyrolean crossings) can be dangerous if installed incorrectly or on the wrong sort of site and it is therefore strongly advised that the customer, who is buying this equipment, should carry out their own Risk Assessment of the area/site to be used and must be happy that they are satisfied with this Risk Assessment.

It is highly recommended that you carry out a safety inspection on completion of the installation of the zipwire equipment and that the equipment should be continually inspected on a regular basis.

Due to the various construction & Installation methods used by our customers and which are outside of our control, The Zipwire Company cannot be held responsible for any problems or injuries that may occur during the installation and subsequent use of any zipwires or zipwire equipment supplied by us if incorrectly fitted.


If you have any questions, please call us FREE on: 0800 246 5802

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